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The formulation of White Dove homeopathic remedies begins with the highest quality ingredients possible. The final product can never be better than the initial ingredients used, so our purchasing agents search the world over to find the best raw materials available. Raw materials that don't meet our strict intake standards never even reach the laboratory.   


White Dove Healing Arts has been a distributor of the Dr. Recommends homeopathic products since 1990. These formulas are Professor Wm. C. Nelson's original formulas. White Dove has trained thousands of practitioners in the art of modern, complex, Nelsonian homeopathy since 1990 and services hundreds of retail and wholesale homeopathic accounts on a monthly basis.  


Quality Control


The laboratory that White Dove Healing Arts uses is a federally registered pharmaceutical laboratory in full compliance with FDA regulations governing pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The laboratory itself is a clean room environment with positive pressure and constant HEPA filtration to maintain a work area free of contamination. Laboratory employees are required to wear gowns, gloves, boots, nets and masks to further reduce the possibility of contaminants and assure a pure product. All procedures follow strictly the guidelines set forth in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, which is the official document governing homeopathic manufacturing in this country.   



The alcohol used in manufacturing is a pharmaceutical grade, non-grain ethanol. This type of ethanol is the purest form of alcohol available, and it minimizes the possibility of any grain-related allergic reactions - an essential consideration in any medical therapy.


Patent pending manufacturing techniques involve a number of unique features, including special filtration and activation of the water used. This process produces an increase in the "zeta" effect of the water molecules, which boosts the magnetic activity of the formulas. The end result is a medicine that absorbs, maintains and transmits homeopathic information more efficiently, and delivers the therapeutic effects to the user in its most effective form.


Another unique feature of our manufacturing process is that of hand succussion and bottling. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers utilize machines in the mixing, succussing and pouring of their product. One of the problems commonly encountered with this technique is that homeopathics are sensitive to magnetic fields and EM radiation, and constant exposure to mechanized equipment and the fields they generate compromises the efficacy of the final product. This is why White Dove is committed to having our remedies processed by hand. It is more time consuming, costly and labor intensive than the alternative, but the result is a medicine that is unequaled in efficacy in the field of homeopathy.


The finished product is then subjected to a battery of tests, which include culturing to confirm freedom from microbial contamination, and trivector analysis to confirm product consistency through the analysis of electronic, magnetic and capacitance states. 


Homeopathy is a highly effective and evolved medical discipline, and it is only through the use of high quality homeopathic medicines that it can continue to succeed. White Dove Healing Arts Ltd. is helping to meet the need for quality natural medicines, and a medical philosophy that works with the body, not against it.





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       Eight Reasons Why White Dove Homeopathic Remedies Are Superior


1.   WDHA's repertory includes over 5,000 products. 


2.   WDHA remedies employ a finely engineered product line with scientific homocords.These homocords use very high potencies which produce  homeopathics of outstanding quality and action.  


3.  WDHA supplies FDA registered homeopathic pharmaceuticals. This includes singular homeopathics, combination homeopathic remedies designed for today's problems, nosode or sarcode remedies including pathogens and hormones, allersodes and isodes, and natural liquitrophics using the Royal Lee philosophy.  


4.  WDHA products are hand made, not machine made like other companies.  


5.  WDHA offers custom made remedies for the doctor's patient.  


6.  WDHA offers prescription homeopathics, unlike other homeopathic companies which deal only with OTC homeopathics.  


7.  WDHA products are manufactured by a quality staff headed by a homeopathic practitioner and licensed physician.  


8.  WDHA products are quality controlled using these various quantum quality control procedures:  

·     Spectrophotography   - light band absorption mechanisms  

·     Chromography   - for protein and hormone detection  

·     Magnetic Vibration Analysis   - for measuring resonant polarity fields  

·     Electrical Conductivity, Electrolyte Potential and Electrostatic   - for measuring electron availability  

·     Kirlian Field Analysis   - for measuring quantic force  

·     Bacteriologic, Fungal, Rickettsia, and Viral, Culture   - to maintain the safest product  

·     Polymorphic Shape   - to determine the liquid crystal effect of clath structure of H20  

·     Pilot and Clinical Testing   - to test the product in the field for safety and efficacy  

 Photo Multiplier -  for definition of the bio quantum virtual photons from living tissue

This thorough policy of product control provides the "quality" of product your client deserves. 

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